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Namibia Panorama Namibia Panorama

Author: Hentie Burger
ISBN: 9789994560110
Details: hardback, 295mm x 155mm,184 pages
Publisher: Hentie Burger (Photography),
Douglas Reissner (English Text),
Olivier Luciani (French Translation),
Burkhard Dobiey (German Translation)

Namibia Panorama is a stunning photographic portfolio by well-known Namibian photographer, Hentie Burger in which each picture is a masterpiece. It covers various aspects of Namibian landscape, cultural life and wildlife, incorporating aerial images.

All images are in a panorama format and they have short "poetic-factual" captions in English, German and French. The compact size makes it very attractive for tourists, because it allows for easy transportation.

Namibia - Fascination of Geology Namibia - Fascination of Geology

Author: Nicole Grünert
ISBN: 9789991674780
Details: 148 x 210 mm, 256 pages, full colour, softcover
Publisher: Klaus Hess Verlag

For geoscientists Namibia has always been a country of particular interest. The greaty varied geological structures make the earth history of this region like an open book - all that remains is to read it.

Many of the grandiose landscape pictures imprinted into the country were formed over millions of years, even up to 2000 million years ago. In view of the time dimensions of earth history, humans can view their own time span in a new light.

This travel guide was written to make the features and particularities of Namibian geology and the fascination, which can be derived from it, accessible to visitors and also to the interested laymen. The book gives the necessary basic knowledge in an easy understandable form and describes the geological attractions of Namibia, which can be seen en route. To experts on the country it also offers a detailed overview, which was previously not available in this form.

English -German Glossary of Namibian Terms English -German Glossary of Namibian Terms

Author: Marianne Zappen-Thomson
ISBN: 9789991642031
Details: Soft cover, 140 x 210 mm, 93 pages
Publisher: University of Namibia Press

Since Namibia's Independence in 1990, a variety of English words have come into use, referring predominantly to political developments but also to changes in society in general. As German is one of the national languages in Namibia, these vocabulary changes also need to be expressed in this language. Yet because these terms are specific to the Namibian context, equivalent words cannot always be found in existing German dictionaries.

Spitzkoppe & Pontoks, Namibia - A Climber's Paradise Spitzkoppe & Pontoks, Namibia - A Climber's Paradise

Author: Eckhardt Haber
ISBN: 9780620476010
Details: 144 pages - black & white with color photos,140mm x 200mm
Publisher: Blue Mountain Publishers

A Comprehensive traditional and sport Climbing guide

The Sheltering Desert The Sheltering Desert

Author: Henno Martin
ISBN: 978-3-935453035
Details: Soft-cover, 370 pages, 12x19 cm, 17 black and white photos, 1 site map
Publisher: Two books Publisher

In 1935 he left Germany together with his friend and colleague, Hermann Korn, to do geological research in South-West-Africa.

At the outbreak of World War Two they fled into the Namib desert, where they lived for two and a half years.


Author: Amy Schoeman
ISBN: 978-1-86919-424-6
Details: 268 x 268 mm, 206 pages, colour photographs, Hard cover
Publisher: : Venture Publications, Windhoek, Namibia + Protea Book House, Pretoria, South Africa, 2011

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia - an area once feared and shunned because of its treacherous coastline - is now prized as a place of beauty and tranquility, a place of magnificent solitude. Apart from the explorers, prospectors and miners drawn as if by a magnet to the Skeleton Coast by its legendary mineral wealth, only small groups of people have visited this protected area in north-western Namibia, and its mystery remains largely intact. Although one of the lesser-known regions in Africa, it is undoubtedly high on the list of the world's most unusual, fascinating and scenically beautiful places.

LICHENS OF THE NAMIB DESERT Lichens of the Namib Desert
A guide to their identification

Author: Volkmar Wirth
ISBN: 9789991657349
Details: 150 x 210mm, 96 pages, colour photos, softcover
Publisher: Klaus Hess Publisher

Lichens play a significant role in the ecosystem of the Namib Desert since they can absorb moisture from the frequent fogs to become physiologically active, a strategy which is unavailable for higher plants. Due to this water source, the desert is therefore less of an environmental problem for lichens, their colourful shrubby, foliose or crustose thalli decorating rocks, boulders, pebbles, twigs of shrubs and soil. In coastal regions, under more favourable conditions, as in the plains north of Swakopmund, they may cover huge areas, where the dense populations form the so-called "lichen fields".This booklet provides information on lichens in general and more specifically on the lichen biota of the Namib Desert, with 75 species illustrated in colour, enabling the user to identify most of the lichens occurring there.

Trees and Shrubs of Namibia Trees and Shrubs of Namibia

Author: Revised and expanded by Coleen Mannheimer and Barbara Curtis
ISBN: 9789991609706
Details: 170 x 245 mm,526 pages, full colour, softcover with flaps
Publisher: MacMillan Education, Windhoek

Full-colour photographic guide to trees and shrubs of Namibia includes descriptions of and keys to over 400 species. Many of the species, particularly the shrubs, are not covered by other tree guides for the region.

This is Namibia This is Namibia

Author: Gerald Cubitt/ Peter Joyce
ISBN: 9781859742815
Details: Softcover,Pages: 160
Illustrations: 210 color photographs, 1 color map
Publisher: Struik Publisher

This is Namibia is a compelling visual essay on the country, its peoples and its wildlife.
Stunning photographs provide an exciting and diverse overview of the country. These are complemented by a detailed introductory text that both establishes historical perspective and offers insight into the realities of a country moving hesitantly, but with hope, into a challenging future.

Windhoek a brief city guide Windhoek a brief city guide

Author: Conny von Dewitz
ISBN: 9789991640891
Details: Softcover 148 x 210 mm 128 pages,many Photos in color and in black and white.
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag

Your ideal companion in your exploration of our beautiful city Windhoek, situated in the heart of Namibia and starting point for all consecutive journeys.

Namib - Secrets of a Desert Uncovered Namib - Secrets of a Desert Uncovered

Author: Mary Seely
ISBN: 9780869767818
Details: Softcover, 202 pages,with many colour photos
Publisher: Venture Publications

The Namib Desert - an acient landscape with a long human history and an array of bizarre plant and animal adaptations - is Namibia's invaluable west-coast asset. Nestled in the middle of this coastal strip is the Namib-Naukluft Park, poised to become, in its second hundred years, the centrepiece of a protected area extending from South Africa to Angola.

Sand dunes in all shapes and sizes provide compelling subjects for photographers, artists, scientists, tourists and adventurers. Vast gravel plains stretch out to infinity, inselbergs stand proud of the desert and dunes, a magnet for people since before history was recorded, continue to beckon.

Namib - Secrets of a Desert Uncovered Namibia - A Visual Celebration

Author: Jean du Plessis
ISBN: 9781770073623
Details: Hardcover ,Pages160, color Photos
Publisher: Random House Struik

"Namibia - A Visual Celebration" is part of the popular, large-format "Visual Celebration" series. All the mysterious aspects of this stark and compelling land are dramatically depicted in an astounding collection of photographs - from the fragility of the mist-enshrouded coastline in the west to the hot, dry wasteland of the interior. The cultural diversity of Namibia's sparse population has not escaped the camera's eye, nor has the plant life, much of it unique to this land.

Secret Namibia Secret Namibia

Author: Lily & Marcel Jouve
ISBN: 9781770076945
Details: Softcover:Pages: 160,Illustrations: 135 full colour photographs, 1 map, 18 locator maps
Publisher: Struik (C.) Pty.Ltd,South Africa

Namibia is a vast, ancient place, its legacy an endless expanse of desert sand fringed by coastal plain and rugged mountain terrain and dotted with geological wonders that remain the country's most impressive features.

Lily and Marcel Jouve travelled the length and breadth of the country to discover the varying facets of the land and its geology. In Secret Namibia, they share their exploration of the terrain, and reveal its secrets - from the geomorphological make-up to the best routes to follow and the finest places to stay.

From the famed Spitzkoppe to Kaokoland, Etosha National Park to the Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei to Sandwich Harbour, this is Namibia through their lens, their celebration of its rock and sand, valley, canyon and plain - and the unique flora and fauna found in these landscapes. Secret Namibia is an invitation to discover, through word and image, the intriguing natural features of this wild country.

LANDSHAPES The Geomorphology of Namibia LANDSHAPES The Geomorphology of Namibia.

Author: Roger Swart / Christine Marais
ISBN: 9789991609218
Details: 300 x 215 mm, 134 pages, full colour, hard cover
Publisher: Macmillan Education Namibia Publishers (Pty) Ltd, Windhoek 2009

For the past three years geologist Roger Swart and artist Christine Marais have collaborated on this book which seeks to explain the geomorphology (geo = earth, morphology = study of structure) and the natural shapes of the Namibian landscape, with paintings, diagrams and text. For those who love the Namibian landscape, who are intrigued by the variety of fascinating shapes and forms and by the vast contrasts between sand dunes, rocky mountains, dry riverbeds and gravel plains, this book will satisfy your curiosity.

Scenic Namibia Scenic Namibia

Author:Thomas Dressler
ISBN: 9781919938431
Details: Hardback 112 pages, 180 photographs
Publication: Sunbird Publishers

Thomas Dressler has spent a great deal of time photographing Namibia over the years and this is a selection of some of his most scenic shots of this wild and rugged land. They range from the Skeleton Coast and the sand dunes of the Kalahari in the South.

Scenic Namibia by Sean Fraser (Sunbird) is an inspirational meander through a land of towering red dunes, a rugged and wild coast, and an extraordinarily diverse wildlife, which have specially adapted to the harsh realities of life in a near-desert landscape. Photographer Tomas Dressler has captured the stark beauty of Namibia, and the changing faced of its many people in vibrant colour while Fraser, author of 11 books on the people, wildlife and natural splendour of South Africa, provides concise, readable text.


South West Africa in Early Times South West Africa in Early Times

Author: Heinrich Vedder
ISBN: 9789994576425
Details: 148mm x 210 ,530 pages black and white pictures w. map
Reprinted Edition 2016

This detailed study of the history of South West Africa up to the date of Chief Maharero’s death in 1890 was originally published in German; in 1938 it appeared for the first time in an English version, being recognized as the first standard work on the subject. The author’s extensive ethnological and linguistic studies endowed him with the know-ledge to give a detailed account of the country and its people, as well as of the customs and languages of the different tribes. A considerable part of the book deals with the progressing colonization of the country by European pioneers whose various adventures, experiences and actions were recorded in a mass of “old notes, letters, reports and diaries”, while the historical part is supplemented by an ethnological account of the native tribes. This is a scholarly work, and with its regard for folklore and tribal tradition as well as for historical facts it recommends itself to all who are compassionate about the country. It is hoped that its reissue will promote the understanding of current challenges facing Namibia, for it remains an extremely valuable account of this part of the African continent.

The Equestrian Monument (Reiterdenkmal) 1912-2014 The Equestrian Monument (Reiterdenkmal) 1912-2014

Author: Namibia Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft
ISBN: 978-99945-76-26-5
Details: Softcover,152 pages,240 x 170 mm
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag

The well-known "Reiter Monument", officially called the "Equestrian Statue" and generally referred to as the "Monument", has become from 25th December 2013 the theme of daily discussions in Namibia and abroad. This publication presents a chronology composed of newspaper articles, documents, reports, photographs, anecdotes, etc. It certainly does not intend to call for controversy. The contents portrays the demise of the Monument from the planning stage 108 years ago, its construction 97 years ago in 1912, up to its removal and relocation into the court yard of the Alte Feste on 25th December 2013 as well as the demolition of its foundations at the beginning of 2014. This chronology gives a time line for the various periods the Monument stood its ground as the country developed and changed. This publication does not claim to offer the complete history of the Monument - it is nothing but a modest attempt to provide some background information. Choice of documents and photos depended on availability. The articles and photographs used in this publication were selected from what was found in archives and collections. Included are also articles and photographs which have never been published before. Please note that views expressed in this publication in no way reflect the views of the publisher or its publishing house.

STAMPS & STORIES 50 Stories on Namibia's Postage Stamps STAMPS & STORIES
50 Stories on Namibia's Postage Stamps

Author: Gondwana Collection
ISBN: 9789991688800
Details: x 210 mm, 192 pages, soft cover
Publisher: Gondwana Collection Namibia

If postage stamps could talk they would have lots of stories to tell . In this book they actually do!

Read about the dangerous life of postal runners almost 200 years ago, about exploding mushrooms or the medicinal properties of Devil's Claw, about the gladiator insect which was discovered only recently, a reluctant steam ox, the Mbalantu woman's braid that touched the gound or about Brukkaros Mountain, the false volcano.

Stamps & Stories contains 50 entertaining and illustrated stories related to pictures on Namibian postage stamps. Covering the country's natural environment, culture and history in a colourful mix, this book is a Namibian portrait resembling a mosaic which here and there may even surprise those who know the country inside out.

A History of Namibia A History of Namibia

Author: Marion Wallace
ISBN: 978-1-77009-887-9
Details: 451 pages ,137 mm x 215 mm,b/w pictures
Published: Jacana Media

In 1990 Namibia gained its independence after a decades-long struggle against South African rule - and, before that, against German colonialism. This book, the first new scholarly general history of Namibia in two decades, provides a fresh synthesis of these events, and of the much longer pre-colonial period.

Rehoboth  Namibia Past and Present Rehoboth Namibia Past and Present

Author:Cornelia Limpricht
Contributing authors:
Germany Social and Cultural Anthropology: Hartmut Lang, Christiane Naumann
Ecology: Dirk Wesuls
USA Law: Sidney Harring
Namibia Agriculture: Ibo Zimmermann

ISBN: 978-99945-73-01-1
Details: 175 x 240 mm, 504 pages, b/w and colour photographs, softcover
Published: Selfpublished, Windhoek 2012

Over 130 year ago a group of people known as the Baster migrated from De Tuin in the Northern Cape to settle in Rehoboth, Namibia, peacefully. Various aspects of this community and how it has retained its identity and common purpose are described in this well researched book. The comprises 15 articles which paint a picture of life in a unique region that has one of the most scenic landscapes in Namibia.

Murder at Angra Pequena Murder at Angra Pequena

Author:Gordon McGregor
ISBN: 978-99945-76111
Details: Softcover,148 x 210 mm ,56 pages with many b/w photos
Published: Kuiseb Verlag

The popular story told regarding the Confederate ship, the CSS Alabama and her involvement with the town named Lüderitz, normally runs as follows: During the Civil War in America (1861-1865) the Confederate Ship 'CSS Alabama' used the lagoon Angra Pequeña, today known as Lüderitz as a base. The frigate 'USS Vanderbilt', of the northern states discovered her there and a battle ensued between the two of them. After the 'USS Vanderbilt' captured the ship 'Saxon', lying at anchor in Radford Bay, the First Officer of the 'Saxon', Griffith, left the ship and stayed with David Radford at his house at Radford Bay. They became good friends. After the battle between the ships, Griffith was shot for mutiny by the First Officer of the 'USS Vanderbilt' and buried by his friend Radford in the bay now called Griffith Bay.

Was it really Griffith that got shot or perhaps someone else?

The First Mate of the British ship 'Saxon', a certain James Grey, was shot and killed by Charles Danenhower, an America sailor of the 'USS Vanderbilt', on 30 October 1863 at Angra Pequeña. Are Griffith and Grey the same person?

Was there a battle between these ships at Angra Pequeña?

This book portrays the true story of what actually happened at Angra Pequeña in 1863. Also established by this book is a relatively unknown link that connects Namibia and the American Civil War.

The White Bushman The White Bushman

Author: Peter Stark
ISBN: 978-1-86919-413-0
Details: Size: 150 x 220 mm, Pages: 223
Publisher: Protea Book House

In this fascinating and entertaining memoir, the legendary White Bushman, Peter Stark, writes about his experiences in the former German South West Africa: first as a farm manager and lion hunter, and later as nature conservationist.Stark's fearless personality and phenomenal knowledge of the veld, combined with an intimate knowledge of the San people and their culture make for stories and experiences that most people can only dream of. Whether it's about lions chasing San trackers, elephants trampling a campsite or the spearing of 32 scorpions with a kebab-skewer - Stark's stories are bound to awe and entertain. With Peter Stark's unique and genial narrative voice, The White Bushman presents an important cultural-historical perspective on the country that became Namibia. The photographs, taken either by Stark himself or his fellow game wardens, contribute greatly to enhancing the images conjured up by these captivating adventures and anecdotes.


ISBN: 978-99945-72-12-0
Details: 140 x 210 mm , 94 pages, colour and black and white photographs, softcover
Published: Nature Investments (Pty) Ltd, Windhoek 2011

How did the camel thorn tree get its name and why is a rocky outcrop called Murder Hill? How is it possible that a coughing train steward served death to hundreds of people? And why was the popular Namibian holiday resort of Henties Bay founded as a result of a rhino hunt, of all things?

The first edition of Gondwana History provides the answers to these questions in an entertaining and colourful way. Glimpses of Namibia's past are captured by a total of 25 stories. This book will make for an enjoyable travel companion for visitors from abroad, but it is just as much intended for Namibians who want to know more about their own country. It's a treat...

Adventure in South West Africa 1894 - 1898 Adventure in South West Africa 1894 - 1898

Author: Eberhard Rosenblad
ISBN: 978-99916-40-75-4
Details: Soft cover,210 x 148 mm,184 pages,many black/white photos

This is the last of five joint publications by Jalmar (1917-2003) and Ione Rudner on early Swedish travellers and pioneers in nineteenth-century south-western Africa. The renowned trader and ornithologist Axel Wilhelm Eriksson features prominently in each of them. Rosenblad's narrative of events in the last decade of the century included his participation in the strenuous Hartmann Expedition along the coast, other journeys and adventures, encounters with the indigenous peoples, and internecine strife in the territory at the time of the German occupation. This is a travel log from 1896 by Rosenblad, now translated into English, 111 years later.

Treasures of the Diamond Coast Treasures of the Diamond Coast

Author: Gabi Schneider
ISBN: 9789991609683
Details: 250x 330 mm, 320 pages, full color, hard cover
Published: Macmillan Education Namibia Publishers (Pty) Ltd, Windhoek 2009

Diamonds have been mined in Namibia for an entire century. The secret of the wealth of the diamond deposits sustaining mining for such a long time is the fact that the country has been blessed with the most incredible geological processes, which worked together over millions of years to form an orebody unequalled in size or quality by any other occurrence of this most precious of all gemstones. But the treasures of the Namibian coast remained hidden for a long time. This all changed one day in April 1908, when Zacharias Lewala discovered the first diamond. Since then, the coastal stretch between Lüderitz and Oranjemund has developed into one of the most important diamond-producing areas in the world. Today, Namibia is also the world's technological leader in mining diamonds from the seabed. This book gives a detailed account of the history of the Namibian Diamond Coast, covering geological, technological, economical as well as human aspects.

Diamonds in the Desert Diamonds in the Desert

Author: Olga Levinson
ISBN: 9789991640853
Details: Softcover,170 x 240 mm,216 pages,many black and white photos
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag 2009

There is no other commodity with such an irresistible fascination as diamonds. People will risk all for them. They will betray, cheat, lie, deceive and murder. They will forfeit honour, friendship and loyalty. They will suffer privations and danger.
For diamonds make dreams a reality. They bring prestige and power. They open doors to presidents and kings. They magically transfer poor men into mil¬lionaires. That is what happened to August Stauch.
This is the true story of a lonely railway employee at one of the most desolate and godforsaken outposts on earth, who stumbled across diamonds in the desert which became the richest source of these gems in the world.
It is a human and poignant story that has never been fully told.

Childrens Books

Benni, the little elephant
Author: Almut Heddenhausen und Michelle Gaugler
ISBN: 99916-40-62-2 (Namibia)
Details: Broschur, 30x21 cm, 16 Seiten, 16 Malvorlagen, Deutsch-Englisch
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag Windhoek

Benni 1
Nicely made colour- and story-book!.

Benni and the magic stone
Author: Almut Heddenhausen und Michelle Gaugler
ISBN: 9991640711 (Namibia)
Details: Broschur, 30x21 cm, 20Seiten, 16 Malvorlagen, Deutsch-Englisch
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag Windhoek

Nicely made colour- and story-book!.

Benni, I'm still your friend!
Author: Almut Heddenhausen und Michelle Gaugler
ISBN: 9789991640778 (Namibia)
Details: Broschur, 30x21 cm, 16 Seiten, 16 Malvorlagen, Deutsch-Englisch
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag Windhoek

Nicely made colour- and story-book!.

Benni 4

Author: Almut Heddenhausen
ISBN: 97899945-76-09-8
Details: Softcover,297 x 210 mm, 19 pictures to colour in
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag Windhoek

Dear Friends of Benni! Benni, the little elephant, has once again had an exciting adventure. And the story can't wait to be read and coloured in by you. Find out with Benni how important and wonderful friendship is - like rain on a dry desert landscape. Enjoy this adventure.



Author: Hilary Biller
ISBN: 9781770075061
Details: Pages 176,250mm x 190mm,Illustrations: 100 in full colour photographs
Publisher: Struik Publisher

166 modern recipes to share with family and friends This title offers a collection of contemporary braai recipes, from beef, lamb, pork, chicken, game and seafood through vegetables, salads, breads and desserts.


Namibia - Country between Atlantic Ocean and Kalahari Desert DVD

B & T Produktion, Windhoek
Languages: English
PAL 1:1,85
Running Time: 78 Minutes

Namaland, Lüderitz, Namib Naukluft Park, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Etosha National Park, Tsumeb, Waterberg Plateau Park, Okahandja, Windhoek

Namibia- Nothern Region DVD

B & T Produktion, Windhoek
Languages: English
PAL 1:1,85
Running Time: 69 Minutes

Kaokoveld, Oshakati, Etosha, Tsintsabis, Rundu, Bagani, Caprivi, Victoriafalls

3 Sessions DVD

Buschkino, 2007
Languages: English, Deutsch
Running Time: 50 Minutes

Learn about the 3 seasons of Namibia. Experience the changes happening in the Namibian nature during one year from the hardships of the drought, to the magic and beauty arising from the rainy season. See, what rain can do to a piece of land, that looks like a desert. Visuals include: Scenes of the survival of plants and animals in the living Namib desert, the dune landscape of Sossusvlei, the animals of Etosha, and the beauty of the Kavango river as well as its wildlife.

South West Africa in Pre-Colonial Days by Immo Böhlke DVD

Namibia's distant past comes to life in this DVD which was produced by Immo Böhlke, a local resident. From old - and partly previously unpublished - photos, pictures, official documents and maps, Immo reconstructs the time period between 1450 and 1890. The lively narration takes you on the travels of hunters, traders and explorers.

Maps & Posters

4x4 Routes through Southern Africa Includes FREE bonus CD with GPS tracks and maps

Author: Philip Sackville-Scott
Publisher: Map Studio South Africa
Details: 224 pages,210 mm x 297 mm
ISBN: 978177026-290-4

4x4 Routes through Southern Africa' takes a detailed look at 20 great 4x4 routes across Southern Africa from the popular Cederberg and Richtersveld regions of South Africa to the Namib Desert in Namibia and East to Lesotho and Mozambique, even as far a field as Tanzania.

Namibia Road Atlas (with GPS)

Publisher: Map Studio

ISBN: 9781868097173

Details: Pages of general information such as information on the people, nature, activities and some historical information going back to the 1480's. Maps and information of 21 towns in the country eg. Windhoek, Swakopmund & Walvis Bay.

Soft cover Size: 240 x 140mm

Windhoek Street Map

Publisher: Map Studio

ISBN: 9781868099320

Details: Detailed map of Windhoek, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, main routes, police stations and fire departments.

Scale: 1:22 500 ,Folded map, self cover

Size: 250 x 130mm

Namibia Map (with GPS)

Publisher: Map Studio

ISBN: 9781770261334

Details: Scale:1 : 1 550 000

Edition: 2nd

Format: Folded Map

Size: 250 X 130MM

Souther Africa Map

Publisher: Map Studio

ISBN: 9781868098675

Details: Scale:1:1 500 000

Edition: 2nd

Format: Folded

MapSize: 250 X 130MM

Southern Africa Road Atlas.

Publisher: Map Studio

ISBN: 9781868098439

Details: Scale:1:1 500 000

Edition: 1st

Format: Soft Cover

Size: 297 x 210mm

Namibia Poster
Groeße: A1

Mammals of Southern Africa
900 mm x 594 mm
Double laminated
125 Species Illustrated

New Garden Birds:Southern Africa Double laminated
900 mm x 594 mm
Double laminated
106 species illustrated

Snakes of Southern Africa
900 mm x 594 mm
Double laminated
44 species illustrated

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